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Tending To Your Midsummer Garden

Tending To Your Midsummer Garden

Midsummer brings blooming flowers, and golden sunshine, but don’t forget about taking care of your garden as you enjoy the blooms and warmth!

Water Water Water

Spring has ended, taking the rain with it, and the Midsummer heat waves are beginning to stay longer, stressing your plants. This means that keeping your plants sufficiently watered is a priority. I recommend that you water your garden either early or late in the day when water is less likely to be lost to evaporation. Drip systems, like our Plant Pal system, are a great option to minimize water loss!

Water is especially important to trees that are less than 3 – 4 years old because the roots are still trying to establish themselves. You can use a drip hose for these trees to water the surrounding area for about an hour.

Your plants in pots and baskets also need more water during the hot summer months. They may need to be watered twice per day, especially on windy days. Wind can dry out your plants more quickly.


Continue to Weed

Like doing laundry, weeding is a never-ending task, but it must be done. Removing weeds is important because these weeds compete with your plants for water and nutrients. You can pull weeds easier when the soil is damp, so weed after you finish watering your garden!


Aerating your compost in July will help accelerate the decomposition process and minimize unappealing odors.


Stay tuned for Midsummer gardening tips on our blog! Happy gardening!


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