Midsummer Garden: All About Your Plants

Happy Monday! We are now in the middle of July. Don’t give up on your midsummer garden! Your plants need your loving attention to thrive in the summer heat. Here are some suggestions on how you can take care of them this week:


Deadhead Flowers

Both annual and perennial flowers can be deadheaded in July. This may encourage one last blooming of your late spring flowers, whereas your perennial flowers will continue to bloom for several weeks if you properly tend to them.


Breed Plants

This week is the perfect time to choose your healthiest plants and propagate your shrubs, herbs, and spring perennials to spread plants to other parts of your garden or to share with your neighbors and friends.


Prune Trees

Especially due to the approaching summer storms, it is a good time to carefully prune the trees in your yard. Damaged branches can be dangerous during the storms, and you will be helping the trees grow to their optimal height. Pruning will also enable better light and air circulation.


Stake Tall Plants

As your plants grow taller this month, you must remember to stake them so they will be fully supported. However, you should keep the loop loose to prevent your plants from choking as they continue to grow.


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