Protecting Your Garden

We are all taking measures to take care of ourselves during these very hot couple of weeks, but you cannot forget to protect your plants!

The extreme heat and humidity we are experiencing here in Virginia brings the threat of plant diseases. So, make sure to inspect your plants for any diseased foliage, remove it, and dispose of it correctly. You should not add the foliage to the compost pile. You should also actively watch for pests like thrips, worms, spider mites, snails, and chinch bugs during this heatwave.

On a more positive note, this is still prime time for growing heat-resistant flowers such as coleus, hibiscus, plumbago, moss rose, and zinnias. I love how these flowers give a garden a gorgeous, colorful summer touch. Check the blog next week for some tips on how to care for these!

Do not forget to mulch! Mulching will help you cut down on your watering bills and keep weeds from popping up in unwanted places.

Do not get behind with your harvesting either! Failure to harvest on time can slow the growth of your garden plants. Also, vegetable plants like zucchini produce very quickly and can get tough if they are left on the vine too long.

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