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Growing Plumbago

Meet the Blue Plumbago. It’s also known as “sky flower” because of its alluring blue flowers resting on slender stems that twist together to form vines with soft green leaves. The plumbago is a lush hub for native butterflies that are drawn to the scent of the blooms.

It will bloom year round in warmer climates, like the southern part of the United States, and can tolerate drought. If you live in a location that experiences consistently warm weather then you will be able to watch the shrub bloom year round. Have seasons? Don’t worry! You can still grow this gorgeous shrub, but you will have to protect it during the colder months. The lowest temperature it can tolerate is 32 ° F. The good news? Your Blue Plumbago will come back to life in the spring and continue growing! However, you may have to stimulate the growth by pruning it.

It thrives in temperatures of 60 to 80 ° F. The threat of pests and diseases is minimal. If left unattended, the evergreen shrub can grow 6 to 10 feet tall and 8 to 10 feet wide. It is native to South Africa.


Full sun or partly shady? Soil composition?

Its blooms will thrive in direct sun. The shrub will not bloom as much if it is in a location that is partly shady.

It does not prefer a certain soil composition or pH, but make sure the area is fertilized and well-drained!

How much water does it need?

Your plant will need the most water if you plant it in a location in your garden that receives direct sunlight. You will only need to water it once per week. Reduce the amount of water over the colder months if the temperature drops below the ideal temperature.

You have the option to grow Blue Plumbagos in containers, but be more mindful about watering. Plumbagos planted in containers cannot spread their roots to search for moisture and rely on you to supply them with water.

Pro Tip: Be sure to repot your Blue Plumbago every two years!


Blue Plumbago shrubs love humidity, as you can tell from the location of its native continent. Keep your plant away from vents and stoves if you choose it to decorate your indoor space.

Pro Tip: An electric humidifier will save you time and effort


The Blue Plumbago plant is a rapid grower, so you need to regularly prune it.



Make sure to protect yourself when planting and caring for your shrub by wearing protective gloves, long-sleeves, and protective eyewear because it is toxic to humans. However, it is not harmful to animals, so you don’t have to worry about letting your pets run around outside!

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