I started my plants in a container…Now what?

We talk about the ability to start growing your plants in containers, but how do you transfer these container-grown plants to your garden?

Your need to gradually introduce your container-grown plants to direct sunlight before you plant them in your garden. First, place your plants outdoors in a sheltered, slightly shaded location then move them   every few days to slowly increase the daily amount of sunlight that they receive

Pro Tip: Transfer your plants on a cloudy day late in the afternoon!

When you are ready to plant, mix compost, peat moss and 1/2 cup of 10-10-10 fertilizer with the soil. Make sure the hole is as deep as the pot. Remove your potted plant by supporting the root ball with your hand and flipping the pot. You can quickly tap the pot to loosen the roots then lift the pot form the plant!

Pro Tip: Avoid stressing out your plant! Never remove your container plants from the pot by pulling them out by their stems.

Are your plant’s roots compacted? Gently pull the surface roots away from the root ball! Prune damaged roots before you plant.

Don’t forget water! Water your plant to ensure that the roots are fully covered. After planting, make sure the soil around your plant remains moist for the next few days.

Sit back with some wine in one of our wine glasses and enjoy the beauty!

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