Becoming a House Plant Parent

With Fall changing the outdoor scenery and winter on its way; we will miss the greenery that we typically see outside in the Spring and Summer months. The solution? Add greenery indoors! It is super easy, and a green thumb is not required. To get started, ask yourself the questions below:

-Evaluate your living space. Consider where the plant will reside in your home and what area you think needs more greenery. Deciding this allows you to bring life into an area where you really want it.

-Does the area you have chosen for a plant get full or partial sun? Is the area one which is warm and humid, or is it drafty?

-Do you want to deal with soil or would an air plant a better choice?

-Are you home a lot and able to care for a plant regularly or do you need a plant that needs an occasional watering or spritzing?

-Do you envision a plant with full foliage or long-lasting flowers?

-Do you own a pet and need to bring home a plant that is “pet friendly”? Unfortunately, there are plants that can be toxic to pets.

Answering these questions will lead you to the plant that is right for you and your home. Creating green space by adding a plant or two inside your home is a positive hobby to cultivate. It has also been shown to have health benefits by improving the air quality, reducing stress, and enhancing creativity.

Check back next week for some of our recommendations!

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