Pesticides: Do we need them?

Pesticides: Do we need them?

We do need pesticides for our plants, whether our plants are indoor or outdoors, to keep them healthy. Farmers use pesticides all the time to help them grow more food on less land to keep up with the population growth. Pesticides protect their crops from pests and diseases. Without protection more then half of their crops would be lost and there would not be enough food to feed everyone on our planet. You are probably thinking right about now that you are not a farmer growing many acres of crops. Well, whether you are growing food in your garden outside, or growing herbs inside, or growing beautiful flowers, pesticides can help keep them healthy for your benefit and enjoyment. The good news is there are many safe, natural pesticides you can make at home. Check out some of the different ones you can make below.

-Oil spray. Get an empty small container and mix 1/3 cup vegetable oil with 1 Tbsp liquid soap. Shake thoroughly and then add 1 tsp of the oil/soap mixture to 2 cups of water in a spray bottle. Shake thoroughly and spray on your affected plant(s).

-Molasses “tea”. In a spray bottle dissolve 3 Tbsp molasses into 4 cups warm water. Shake well and spray on your affected plant(s).

-Salt spray. Dissolve 1 Tbsp salt into approximately 5 cups of warm water. Fill a spray bottle and spray your affected plant(s). You can also sprinkle some salt around the base of your plant(s).

-Garlic. You can place a garlic clove into the soil of your plant(s).

-Pepper spray. To ½ gallon of water add 1 Tbsp of red or black pepper and 3 drops of liquid dish soap. Fill a spray bottle with the mixture and spray your affected plant(s). The pepper in this spray has capsaicin which repels bugs.