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December Gardening

It’s December, and you are almost at the end of another gardening year! December is a great time to take inventory of your garden to determine which aspects of it you love most and which aspects you may want to change for the next gardening year. Hopefully, you have been taking photos of your garden and recording your thoughts about it in a journal throughout the year, which will help you make these decisions without having to solely rely on your memory. Below are some more recommendations for this month if you live on the east coast:

  • Make sure that all of your stored bulbs, corms, or tubers are not rotting nor drying out in storage.
  • If you did not finish applying mulch to protect your plants from the cold, then you should do this as soon as possible. Winter is here!
  • You should construct a shelter and place it over any shrubs you think will be in need of protection from ice and possible snowfalls.
  • Continue to water newly planted trees and shrubs until the ground freezes if it has not already froze.
  • You should inspect the trees and shrubs in your outdoor space for bark damage. If you find any, you most likely have a problem with rabbits, deer, or other animals and need to take action before the damage becomes extensive.
  • It is important to spray the foliage of broadleaf, evergreen shrubs with an anti-desiccant to prevent dehydration during the winter months.
  • Remember to bring in any gardening tools that you left outside and store them inside for the winter. Make sure they are clean, rust-free, oiled, and adequately sharpened for when you use them again.
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