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How to Reuse Your Christmas Tree

Throwing out your Christmas tree after the holiday this year? You should think again! You can repurpose your Christmas tree!

Once the presents are unwrapped, the Christmas tree’s job is done. Or is it? Once you get it out of the house, that abandoned evergreen can take on a new role or multiple roles! The tree’s needles, limbs, and trunk can do more than hold ornaments after the holiday season!

There are so many uses and ways to recycle your Christmas tree around your home and in your yard this winter. I have given you some ideas below, but comment on this post some other ways that you may use your tree!

  • You can use the wood from your Christmas tree as firewood for your outdoor fire pit. You should wait until the wood is completely dry after you take it down and chop it into logs otherwise it could be a fire hazard.
  • Using your Christmas tree as winter mulch for your garden could be a great way to recycle and reuse it past the holiday season. Chop it up and spread it around your garden! You can checkout our social media pages for tips on how to mulch! Evergreens also make excellent winter mulch for delicate plants. You can cut a few different sized branches and place them over any fragile plants for the winter season.
  • You can even transfer your tree in its stand outdoors for decoration or for the wildlife around your home! Fill bird feeders and hang them from the branches, or drape the tree with a few pinecones coated with peanut butter. You can watch the birds fly and land on your tree throughout the winter!
  • Use tree’s pine needles as potpourri. The sachets will add a fresh Christmas fragrance to your home throughout the New Year! Hide them around the bathroom and the kitchen!
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