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February Plant of the Month

The February Plant of the Month is… Acer rubrum (Red Maple)! Did you know that the Red Maple is one of the species that is commonly tapped in order to produce the maple syrup that you use on your pancakes in the morning?  It is also one of the most widespread deciduous trees of eastern and central North America.

Flowers and Leaves

Small red flowers appear and bloom between March and May. Have you seen those small, red winged seeds floating around like helicopters in the air? These are this tree’s seed pods that appear in early spring! The leaves grow to be two to five inches long. When they first open in spring, the leaves have red highlights that change to green. The foliage of most varieties turn vivid crimson in autumn, but some varieties grow orange or yellow foliage.

Pruning and Soil

This tree does not require a lot of pruning, but prune during August or the fall if you choose to do so. Don’t prune too early!

Pro Tip: Wider angles between the tree trunk and its branches will allow the tree to be stronger.

Do you want to plant one in your outdoor space?

You should place it or plant your seeds near the middle of your outdoor space. The tree thrives in soil that is not compact.

Be careful when you mow your grass or trim weeds! You want to avoid damaging the thin bark.


Botanical Name Acer rubrum
Some Common Names Red maple, swamp maple, water maple, scarlet maple, trident red maple, and soft maple
Plant Type Deciduous tree
Mature Size 40 to 70 feet tall with a spread of 30 to 50 feet
Sun Exposure Full to partial sun
Soil Type Adaptable; sandy to clay
Soil pH 4.5 to 6.5
Bloom Time Spring
Flower Color Red
Hardiness Zones 3 to 9
Native Area Eastern American deciduous forest


Here are a few of our favorite floral spring garden flags that would match the red blooms of the Red Maple:

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blossoms and butterfly garden flag


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