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Hello!   The Garden Gazebo site is not actively functioning at this time.  Garden Gazebo is going through a transition.   
We are working diligently behind the scenes to create a new product line that will maintain some of your favorites while adding new and exciting merchandise. 
Trust us, there will be a great new site soon!
If you want to get in contact while we are not open for business, please feel free to email us at,  
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Pamela and Cindy

Celebrating International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day!

Did you know Garden Gazebo is a woman-owned small business located in Norfolk, Virginia?

Our owner, Pamela Katrancha, opened the first location of Garden Gazebo in 1993 to share her love of home and garden design. In addition to founding Garden Gazebo, she recently completed her second year as the chair of the Retail Alliance board, which makes her the second woman in this position in over 100 years. She is also on the executive advisory board for Envision Lead Grow  and continues to mentor young female entrepreneurs, encouraging them to follow their dreams.

We are proud that the majority, over 95 percent, of our team is made up of strong, passionate women who work relentlessly every day to bring you the most unique, beautiful items that will make your home a special place for you and your family. Approximately 74 percent of our Garden Gazebo family is also made of up of women. We are honored that you continue to support Garden Gazebo.

As a female-founded and female-owned small business, there is no greater joy than championing women doing incredible things. Supporting other women continues to be a passion of ours, and we are always striving to do more. There is more work that needs to be done. International Women’s Day dates back to 1909 when a group of women united to demand basic gender equality. More than one hundred years later, the United States’ wage gap persists at an average of 18 percent. Let us work together every day to reduce this gap.

We want to celebrate all the strong women out there. We would love to hear about some of the amazing women in your life. Shout out an amazing woman you know in the comments or tag us in your post on social media!

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