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March Plant of the Month

Spring is officially here, and I am enjoying the warmth. Bright colors are inspiring me as we head into the warmer months, so the March plants of the month are wallflowers. This plant of the month choice likes to be in the spotlight despite despite its common name. Wallflowers flower early in the season, so they will bring a pop of rich color to your spring garden (Hello vibrant blue and purple!). Their dense and draping shape make them a lovely option to plant beside walls or raised borders around your outdoor space, which will give your garden or yard a unique touch.

Let us dive into some details. I am highlighting two varieties this month: Aubrieta and Saxifraga.



Aubrieta is named after the French painter and botanical artist Claude Aubriet (1665-1742). This wallflower is also known as ‘Blue Cushion’ due to its gorgeous pillow-like blue blooms. Although this plant is often distinguished with striking blue flowers, it can also be found in delicate shades of white and pink as well as rich purple. It will begin blooming in March and will bloom until May. This variety can grow up to 10 inches.



Saxifraga has alluring white, red, pink or purple flowers that are perfect for spring. This variety usually flowers from early spring to summer. The plant thrives in less than ideal environments like around stone with little soil or in crevices in your walls, which makes it a great option if you want to spruce up stone areas in your garden!

Fun Fact: The name Saxifraga means “stone-breaker” in latin!


Aubrieta and Saxifraga are early perennials that continue to bloom each year and are easy to care for! If you live in an apartment, then wallflowers will look beautiful in pots outside your door or on your patio!

Send us pictures or upload your pictures of your wallflowers to the comments! Are you also in need of some new spring decor to match your blooms? Take a look at our spring flag collection!

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