Happy Earth Day

Small Changes Can Make Big Outcomes
The 22nd of April is Earth Day, which is this Thursday. Each day, Earth takes care of us and gives us a refuge, especially during times like these. So, take today and future days to give back to Earth and celebrate our home.
Since we have begun to slow down to protect our community, we have given Earth a chance to heal. This has shown us that even the smallest change can aid in the mission of making Mother Earth safer for us, wildlife and future generations. Everything matters. Each small act of love has a ripple effect that, in time, leads to transformation
So, let’s come together and talk about positive actions we already take as well as positive new choices we can make. Be empowered by making decisions that have a big impact on us and our home.
Maybe take the time to plant new life or turn down the single use plastic. Our tote bags are created using recycled materials and can replace hundreds of future plastic bags.
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