May Plant of the Month

Our featured plant of the month of May is Mandevilla! You may have heard of this flowering plant’s common name, “rocktrumpet.”

Mandevilla is a climbing shrub with elegant trumpet-shaped blooms that flower from May to October. Despite its tropical origins, it will thrive in your warm summer garden, especially if you live in the south.

If you want a grown Mandevilla, then you can purchase the plants in various sizes ranging from very small, perfect for planting in beds or using as a table plant, to large climbers that will grown several feet high. You can also use Mandevilla and its long tendrils to create a living wall. Remember to provide the plant with support!

The blooms like beautiful as a monochrome arrangement or as a mix of white, pink, and red or a combination of any of the colors! You can change it up based on your mood or the occasion.

Caring For Your Mandevilla

  • Sun:Partial shade to full morning or evening sun
  • Soil: Well-draining, moderately damp soil
  • Pruning: You can prune as much or as little as you would like depending on the shape you want it to be
  • Water regularly!
  • Remember that it will not thrive in colder temperatures, so take care of it before the temperatures drop!
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