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Gardening Tips For Rainy Days

The past few weeks in Virginia and its surrounding areas have been filled with a few rainy days. We may finally be seeing some sunshine, but there are more rainy days to come this month.
Your plants thrive if they are watered, but there is such a thing as too much water! Plant diseases like bacteria and fungi flourish from prolonged leaf wetness and excess moisture around the plant root zone areas, so make sure to watch for fungal diseases. Some common signs of foliage include spots, large patches of browning, and white spores.
Too much rain and cloudy skies can also slow your plants’ growth and leach nutrients from the soil of your garden.
We may not be able to stop the rain, but there are a few preventive measures that you can adapt to minimize its negative effects.
💧Avoid walking on your wet garden soil. Walking on it can compact the soil and limit root growth. You can spread light mulch or place stepping stones (We have a large collection in our store and online) to make your garden beds more accessible while minimizing the disturbance of the soil.
💧If your garden is located in a low-lying area, place a barrier on the slope to divert the water away from your garden or build a trench.
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