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Items you NEED for a 4th of July Party!

Tennessee Titans Garden Flag

    Now that most Americans can safely gather, this means we can now enjoy a 4th of July party! To plan the perfect party where people do not want to leave, you need the right items! This patriotic holiday allows people to show off their pride for the United States of America and of course, have a great time doing it. Whether you’re at the beach, in the mountains, or just with family at home, everyone has a reason to celebrate!

   Below we have created a few helpful items that will keep you, your friends, and loved ones entertained and comfortable throughout the evening! 


  • Sparklers

We are starting strong with an item that every 4th of July party needs- sparklers! These shimmering sticks are essential for everyone at the party to safely enjoy once the sun goes down! A helpful tip is to have a bucket of water nearby to cool off the sticks once they have burned out! 

  • Citronella Candles 

If you live in a warm climate you know that when summer comes around that means the mosquitoes are close by! To keep these pests out of your way, we recommend picking up a few citronella candles for your outdoor party! These candles are simply regular candles but they are made from the essential oil taken from citronella grass. This oil is a natural bug repellent that will keep everyone at your soiree smiling! 

  • Speaker

This may seem like a given but having a speaker at any gathering has been deemed essential! Whether you are a country lover or just enjoy relaxing to some slow rock, having that background noise keeps the vibes good and the energy high! 

  • Popsicles 

Having any kind of refreshing yet sweet snack at a 4th of July party is a must! Most people are familiar with the classic red, white, and blue “bomb pops” so they are a perfect treat to hand out on a toasty evening in July! 

  • Patriotic Flag 

Garden flags have become a staple to elevate your home’s outdoor appearance and highlight your patriotism! Whether you have an American Flag flying high outside your home or a red, white, and blue firework flag- your neighbors will be sure to stop and admire the beauty! 

Enjoy the holiday weekend!

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