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How to properly take care of your plants in the summer!

Amid the summer months, it can be difficult to take care of your various plants living outdoors! The heat can be an obstacle to keep your plants healthy unless you know the right tips and tricks for their survival!

Some heliophiles love to soak up the rays like some sun-loving plants like succulents and cacti. Though these plants are well adapted, some plants are kept indoors and not ready for that extreme heatwave. 

Here are a few simple tips to work on the upkeep of your leafy and flowery friends! 

  • Promote high humidity
    • Plants that enjoy climates of high humidity should be frequently misted through periods of heat to keep them healthy and hydrated!  
  • Water deeply
    • Watering is the key to indoor plant care, in contrast, over-watering is a very common way to kill your houseplants. Also, extreme heat and the sun cause water to evaporate at high rates. If you are going to experience high heat, your plants
    • If you use the A/C inside, the dry air can cause the pots to dry out just as quickly as the sun. Keep an eye out for thirsty plants and water well.
  • Shade sensitive plants 
    • Did you know that plants can get sunburn? Plants down south and west-facing windows can get a dose of vitamin D during a heatwave. It’s best to move them a bit further into your house to spare them from this direct hit of the sun.
  • Don’t fertilize during a heatwave
    • A stressed plant should never be fertilized until it recovers. When your plant is in summer survival mode, it’s not looking for extra nutrients and isn’t prepared to make use of them. Introducing these into the soil will risk further stressing your plant. Wait until it cools down a bit for your next feeding!
  • Don’t re-pot during a heatwave
    • When you need to re-pot your plants, you should make sure it is a cooler day in the summer! Leaves may get some damage during the repotting and will cause added stress. This extra stress your plant may experience may cause it to live a shorter life. 
  • Wait to prune
    • Though pruning your plants occasionally aids growth, immediately assuming that a leaf that’s wilted or discolored is no longer viable is not the best choice during a heatwave. When conditions get back to normal, the leaf might rebound. Plus, it might still be supporting the overall health of the plant. 

Happy planting!!

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