Flower of the Month- Delphiniums

Did you know that each month has a designated flower? Similar to birthstones, there are birth plants! The month of July is honored with delphiniums! These vibrant blue flowers are also known as Larkspurs. These beautiful plants are quite a sight! 

Here are some fun facts about Delphiniums! 

  • They can grow to be nearly 6 feet tall! Keep your eyes peeled for them on your next walk
  • The name ‘delphinium’ is from the word meaning ‘dolphin’ in Latin, which originally came from the Greek, named due to the plant’s bud and spur that resembles the shape of a dolphin
  • Most delphinium plants and seeds are poisonous to humans as well as to cattle, and ingestion can be fatal, and the plant can also cause irritation to the skin, although the plant has been used in medicine
  • There are over 400 species of Delphiniums
  • Delphiniums are native to the North Hemisphere, and the mountainous African tropics
  • Delphiniums are from the Ranunculaceae family, which is the family of buttercup
  • ‘Delphiniums’ are also known as ‘larkspurs’, however, the name ‘larkspur’, usually refers to plants in the Consolida genus
  • The flowers of delphiniums grow on tall spikes and range from purple, pink, red, yellow, and white
  • Delphiniums have small, black-colored seeds
  • Historically, parts of delphinium plants have been used to create blue dyes and ink
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