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How to Beat the Summer Heat!

As the summer heat continues to crank up, it can be difficult to find activities to keep you and your children entertained! We have compiled a list of summer-friendly fun to allow everyone to stay happy! 

  • Spa Day 

Having a spa-themed day is a great way to let everyone feel pampered and perfect while staying cool! Some items you may want to have handy are sheet masks for your face and feet, nail polish, lotions, mineral salts, and hair masks. 

Something we love to do is turn on some relaxing classical music with a sheet mask and some cucumbers on our eyes! This is not only refreshing but allows you to take a few minutes to pampers yourself and teach your family some self-care!


  • Ice Skating

This may seem a bit odd for the summer months but most states have an indoor ice skating rink that will let you and your little ones burn some energy and learn a new skill. No matter your ice skating expertise, everyone is sure to have a great time and stay out of the scorching sun! 


  • Trampoline Park 

Trampoline parks may just seem like something for children but do not be fooled! Not only does this let the kids burn through some of that energy but there are lots of benefits for adults too! This is a great way to get active by improving balance, boosting your metabolism, and working on your leg strength. Seems like a win-win! 


  •  Checking out the local public library 

This may seem like a no-brainer but sometimes people forget that the library is a great resource to keep your children occupied! Public libraries typically offer a children’s area where there are different levels of books and a variety of toys and activities for all ages! 


  • Children’s Musem 

Something fun that typically all ages can enjoy is a children’s museum! These museums disguise informal learning for everyone. Various exhibits allow children to explore their interests through authentic objects and hands-on activities. Museums also allow early learners to discover interactive and multisensory opportunities. 

These are some of our favorites for the whole family to enjoy and beat the summer heat! We hope you try these out and let us know which are your favorite!  

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