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Back to School Tips for 2021!

Back to School Tips

Back to School Tips for 2021! 

As August rolls around this means it’s time to start planning that back to school shopping and changing our minds from summer fun to lots of learning! After a year like 2020, going back to in-person school might sound daunting to some kids but exciting for some others. Though there is still uncertainty on what is to come this fall, we have learned safe practices to allow our children and loved ones to still make the most of what is to come! 

We have crafted up a few tips on how to crush the back-to-school season and feel confident for when that first day of school arrives! In addition, these tips are not just for back to school but also to help with organization and productivity for a new job or just everyday life!  

Solidify the morning routine BEFORE school starts! 

  • Getting the swing of your child’s morning routine before the real show helps them start forming these habits of when they need to wake up, what they should be eating, and how they have to dress themselves. It might sound silly but doing a dress rehearsal can be a crucial part of having a perfect finale. Even for school! 


Create a “to-do” list

  • Making a to-do list may seem like a rudimentary task, but writing out your tasks for after school or the early morning before school is great for memory and productivity. Teaching habits of time blocking and list-making can help form great habits and reduce any additional stress that school may bring on! 


 Practice Optimism and Open-mindedness 

  • After a year of seclusion, it can be really important to push your children out of their comfort zone and encourage them to try new things. They may have lacked that interaction from the last year so this could be that push they are wanting!  


School Supplies

  • Something every child gets excited about this around this time of year is school supply shopping. Though it can be pricey, allowing your child to get supplies that really motivate them can be a huge game-changer in the classroom! 


Thanks for reading our back-to-school tips for parents and children! We also have an adorable back-to-school garden flag that can wave in your garden to show your children how excited you are for them to take this next step! 

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