Pumpkin Carving Hacks!

Pumpkin Face

Since Halloween is around the corner, we have listed a few pumpkin carving ‘hacks’ to keep your carving process a breeze! 

  • Use a dry-erase marker
    • This is perfect for when you want to have lines on the pumpkin for your design but you don’t want the unused lines to stay. Using a dry-erase will make sure those pesky lines leave when you’re done!  
  • Using a mixer attachment on a drill
    • This hack is one you need to pay attention to! By adding a mixing attachment to a drill you are able to loosen up all of the pumpkin pulp inside. Once you have done a few clear sweeps, then you just tip over the pumpkin and it all falls out! No more getting your hands all gross and sticky!
  • Use a drill or cookie cutters
    • Are you looking for a perfect shape? Using Halloween cookie cutters will make it easy for that ghost or bat outline. Also, using a drill can give you perfect circles for eyes or random holes! 
  • Use Petroleum Jelly 
      • Once you have carved your pumpkin to perfection, using petroleum jelly on the carved spots will help it live longer! This will allow the moisture to become sealed in and prevent it from drying out! 

We hope these pumpkin carving hacks bring you joy and if you try them out let us know! 

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