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How to Keep Your Summer Patio Plants Alive During Extreme Heat

We invest in the beauty of our patio and outdoor spaces. We want that initial investment to last the summer! With a few helpful tips to keep our plants alive, you can enjoy the beauty of your patio plants well into the fall. Check out the following hints regarding watering, shade, containers, pruning, and more.

Water the Roots!

Plants adapt to your watering routine. If you give them a quick daily watering, the roots will grow close to the surface. Taking the time to water deeper into the soil encourages the plants to have a better root base and grow further into the soil. During a heatwave, water more often and at night when it is cooler. Be careful not to overwater! If the soil is wet at least an inch or so deep, you can wait to water.

Don’t Water in Full Sun!

Make sure to water at night or during the very early morning. If you water during the heat of the day, you can cause your plants to wilt. Sunlight and water can intensify the heat.

Shade Your Plants

Use a light-colored old bedsheet or an umbrella to shade your plants. Even a large piece of cardboard will do! Just make sure you have airflow around your plants.

Keep the Brown Leaves!

Don’t prune your plants until the temperature drops. Wait until fall to prune. The heat causes enough stress on your plants. Pruning during the heat will just cause more issues. Roses are the exception because they are susceptible to disease, so go ahead and take off those old blooms!

No Dark Containers!

Be sure when you are planting in containers to avoid using dark-colored pots. The pots will absorb the heat and “cook” the roots.

Protect your plants from the bright sunlight and plan your watering schedule to enjoy beautiful plants all summer and well into the fall!

Happy Plants, Happy Summer!

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