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Tips and Tricks for Planning Your Thanksgiving Dinner and Leftover Meals Too!]

Buying your Turkey:
When planning the meal, determine how many people will be dining with you. Plan for 1 ½ pounds (including meat and bones) per person and you will have enough for everyone and some for leftovers.

Cooking your Turkey:
Depending on the size of the “bird” you have several options. The traditional method is roasting and the time for cooking is determined by the size and weight. Be sure the roasting pan is large enough. Other methods include grilling, smoking, air frying or using a large crockpot. You could choose to purchase two or more turkeys of a smaller size and use several cooking methods to offer your guests a variety of tastes while lessening the cooking time.

Accompaniments to serve with your Turkey:
Mashed potatoes and gravy, along with stuffing are the most popular. A sweet potato casserole is always tasty and a good addition, but it requires baking and unless you have two ovens, it is difficult to coordinate several items cooking in the oven at one time. Other vegetables that go well with a turkey dinner include green beans cooked with either fried onions or sauteed mushrooms. Stove top vegetables include corn on the cob or a stir fry vegetable medley.

The final accompaniment is a cranberry dish for which there are many recipes. My favorite is a cranberry relish that requires no cooking. Using a food processor, chop whole fresh cranberries together with peel on oranges. Use two oranges with four cups of cranberries. Mix ¾ cup of natural cane sugar or coconut sugar and two teaspoons of cinnamon into the cranberry/orange mixture. Refrigerate overnight and serve cold or at room temperature.

What to do with Leftovers:
There are lots of recipes, specifically for leftovers. Some of our favorites include Turkey Tetrazzini. This casserole dish is a filling meal. Served with a salad and bread, you have everything you need to delight your family and friends.
Easy Turkey Tetrazzini Recipe (+VIDEO) | Lil’ Luna ( Another great recipe uses your left-over mashed potatoes. Try it, I know you and your guests will love it.
What to do when the leftovers are gone but the guests are still there:

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