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Hello!   The Garden Gazebo site is not actively functioning at this time.  Garden Gazebo is going through a transition.   
We are working diligently behind the scenes to create a new product line that will maintain some of your favorites while adding new and exciting merchandise. 
Trust us, there will be a great new site soon!
If you want to get in contact while we are not open for business, please feel free to email us at,  
All the best for now.  Thank you 
Pamela and Cindy

December Gardening

It’s December, and you are almost at the end of another gardening year! December is a great time to take inventory of your garden to determine which aspects of it you love most and which aspects you may want to change for the next gardening year. Hopefully, you...

Pesticides: Do we need them?

Pesticides: Do we need them? We do need pesticides for our plants, whether our plants are indoor or outdoors, to keep them healthy. Farmers use pesticides all the time to help them grow more food on less land to keep up with the population growth. Pesticides protect...

Protect Your Furry Best Friend

You can have a pet and be a houseplant parent too! In a previous blog, “Becoming a Houseplant Parent”, we mentioned how plants are a beautiful addition to your home, but it is important to accommodate the needs of your pet. Certain plants can be toxic to a dog or cat...

Becoming a House Plant Parent

With Fall changing the outdoor scenery and winter on its way; we will miss the greenery that we typically see outside in the Spring and Summer months. The solution? Add greenery indoors! It is super easy, and a green thumb is not required. To get started, ask yourself...
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