Betsy Ross Garden Flag



Garden and regular size flags have become a popular yard, patio and porch decoration. Made of a sturdy weatherproof fabric, some are appliquéd while others adorned, these flags come in a variety of styles from garden themes to holidays. The patriotic theme has been very popular as have the college flags. Most customers are sure to want multiple styles.

Do you who Betsy Ross is? She was a seamstress in Philadelphia that helped design the first flag of the United States. In addition, This Betsy Ross garden flag has a distinguishing feature of thirteen five-pointed stars arranged in a circle representing the 13 colonies that fought for their independence during the American Revolutionary War. Do you love history and the roots of the United States? If you said yes, then this flag is the perfect addition to your garden flag collection. Also, this flag can be suction-cupped to a window inside your home for an elevated indoor flag look!

This flag is extremely weather-resistant and durable. This will give you a fashionable front yard look with the lasting durability of polyester.  Also, the artwork is printed and sewn on two separate panels and then sewn together back to back, creating a heavy, luxurious feeling. Finally, a double-sided flag that will add to any location! 

  • Made of heavyweight polyester with appliqued elements and embroidered text.
  • UV, fade, and mildew resistant fabric
  • Double-sided, reads correctly on both sides.
  • Features a sleeve that fits on standard garden flag stakes and hardware.
  • Flag stands and poles not included
  • Flag Size: 12.5″ x 18″
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