Buffalo Check Boots Mailbox Cover


 The Buffalo Check Boots Mailbox Cover is a high-quality, long-lasting vinyl mailbox covers to decorate your mailboxes. They are magnetic and can easily attach to standard 6.5″ x 19″ USPS mailboxes. Also, they are easy to install and can be easily switched out as seasons change. This mailbox cover has a pair of buffalo check boots and matching gloves. The gloves are perched on a wooden sled that has a red cardinal on top. The background of the cover has a variety of snowflakes and reads “Welcome Winter’. This cover is perfect to have during all of the winter months! 

  • Personalize your mailbox for every occasion. 
  • Fade-resistant nylon for all-weather use. 
  • A magnetic strip on each side of the design for easy & secure attachment to the mailbox.
  • Size: 20.5in x .1in x 18in